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In the near future, Earth's scientists have opened a portal to another dimension after a high-energy physics experiment has gone horribly wrong. Grotesque monsters from another world have poured into our realm, and all of humankind has fled the planet in fear, unable to fend off the invaders. Enter Shockbot, humanity's last hope for reclaiming their home world. Shockbot is armed with a high precision blaster capable of vaporizing menacing invaders, as well as a devastating Shock Attack to wipe the area clear of foes.

This run-and-gun platformer is reminiscent of classic 16-bit shooters and includes a half a dozen varied and exciting stages, fast-paced action, a cool Shock Attack mechanic to wipe all the enemies off screen, antigravity platforming challenges, and an epic boss battle at the end, all with a pulsing drum and bass soundtrack.

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